Anchor Lane Studio Map
Anchor Lane Studio Floor Plan

Anchor Lane Control Room

Size : 252 sq. ft // 24 sq. meters

The Control Room at Anchor Lane features a Soundtracs CM4400 28 Channel analogue mixing desk, an 8-track Otari tape machine and a Focal monitoring system. The room has been acousticaly treated to maintain a flat frequency response with minimal reflections at the listening position.

Anchor Lane Live Room

Size : 459 sq. ft // 43 sq. meters

Our Live Room is our largest tracking room making it ideal for full band recording, this room has a natural room sound and is big enough to suit larger groups and ensembles.

The room is also equipped with two adjoining isolated booths which can be used for tracking extra cabinets or instruments in isolation.

Anchor Lane Dead Room
Dead Room

Size : 120 sq. ft // 11 sq meters

Our Dead Room is really dead, the room has has been acoustically treated to shorten reverberation time making it perfect for clean vocal and drum tracking as well as acoustic and percussion instruments. This room is so dead that it may also be used for voice-over and media applications

All our rooms are isolated, interconnected and can be interchangable during sessions, giving us flexibility and allowing for experimentation.

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