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Luigi Pasquini

Luigi Pasquini
website :
music : kabobo // outblinker

Luigi has become synomymous with DIY recording in Glasgow and has worked frequently in many distinct genres of music, including shoegaze, psych, post-metal, alternative rock, avantgarde pop punk, hardcore, jazz and classical music (please visit the portfolio section).

His approach towards recording involves treating each project as entirely unique, listening to what the band or artist wants to communicate with their work and then uses his experience, equipment and imagination to make that happen.

Luigi isn't afraid to break with convention and adapt his style to the band’s aesthetic. As such he often does fully live sessions, with or without overdubs, as well as more standard multitrack projects where songs are built from scratch, one ingredient at a time, using few or multiple microphones, playing to the strengths of the act and exploring their instruments and the recording space. Luigi plays also synthesizers in his italo-totale-weirdness-extravaganza band Kabobo and in the electro-rock quartet Outblinker.

Omar Omar Aborida
website :
music : the cosmic dead // dead otter // unkirk

Omar is a musician and sound engineer who is actively involved in multiple music and film projects, he has been working in sound for over ten years and has experience in many fields, from music production to location sound recording.

He has practical experience with all kinds of bands and has toured on three continents, picking up new skills and techniques on his travels. When recording a session he is happy to let the band lead the session creatively and will input ideas to add to the overall vision of the project.

He can work with any style and has a wide ranging knowledge of obscure styles and techniques, this makes him especially at home working on more extreme musical projects such as doom, metal, psychedelic and progressive rock.

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